Universal burner for pellets, grain, coal.
EU product !

Best prices for high quality burners.

85% efficiency.
Suitable for installation in all solid fuel stove with heat exchanger.
(Easy to work for plumbers (heating engineers), easy to install.
 Pellet burner 5-25kW(gutter)

Consumption 1.6-5 kg/hour, 

All burns pellets of 6-8 mm : wood, grass, hay, coal. 2(20mm nut) ,grain etc.
Also for sale is a universal pellet burners and coal 60kW and 100kW.

In price :Box of pellets.control unit.fan.burner.


Pellet burner prices for retail.

   5-25kW  (gutter)- Set 25kW only 970  € incl.VAT.

  5-27kW    (cube)  - Set 27kW  only 970  € incl.VAT.

 20-60kW  (cube) - Set 60kW only 1170 € incl.VAT.

40-90kW  (cube) - Set 90kW only 1270 € incl.VAT.

        For wholesale price please contact.






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