Design, manufacture small pelletizing lines.

pellet mill production line

Detailed Product Description

We are professional supplier of all kinds of wood pelleting line/wood pelleting plant/pelleting line,this is our parameters of our pellet mills,we can also design according to your request.
This series feed with stepless speed regulation electric motor,the safety device are installed with strong magnetic security and over-load-protection facility,anti-operate position limit switches,which have solved the danger of operators in the rear.Besides,they have equipped with overboard material dumping system and pressurizing oil lubrication device.
They have the characteristics of firm structure,fine outline,high efficiency,easy-operate,dependable features.

Wood pellet line:

The main process of the compelet pelleting line includes:

  1. Crushing/chipping(to make coarse material to be smaller pieces);
  2. Grinding(to make small pieces to be right sizes of raw material before pelletizing);
  3. Drying(to get right moisture of raw material before pelletizing);
  4. Pelletizing(to press raw material into pellets);
  5. Cooling(cool down the output pellets and remove some moisture);
  6. Sieving(remove the dusts and crushed pellets);
  7. Packing(package the pellets into bags of required sizes).

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